How I started


My name is Diana, and I am excited to share with you my original design ideas for other people.  I built this site because I spend numerous hours in a week looking for clothes, and it seems that for about every 200 tops I find, there is only 1 or 2 that I like. I’ve come to realize that most fashion websites, and department stores, mostly sell clothes like crop tops or very tight clothes and these over the top outfits that I don’t feel comfortable wearing.  At the same time though, fashion is very important to me, and I figured that I can’t be the only person that feels this way. 


This is the main reason I created DTA Styles.  A website where I can provide cute & comfortable everyday clothes that have simple modest clothes that you can still feel confident in.  Simple and cute clothes.  I want this website to be a place where I can share my ideas and share what I find through other websites. 

I would also love to hear from you as well, and share your ideas with me.

It’s important that you know that I don’t judge anybody else’s style, and that even though is what is comfortable for me, ‘style’ is an individual decision based on what makes you feel confident and comfortable.  


So, I want to welcome you again, and I look forward to sharing what I have found, and the clothes and accessories that I can be proud to have as part of ‘DTA Styles’ recommendations. 

BTW - ‘DTA’ are my initials. 😊